Jim Hall
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  AfterLife explores the elegance of deterioration and focuses on reality
and abstraction.  I find these subjects ideal for investigating the elements
of design that interest and inform my eye.  Space and tension, color
pallet and structure, and the character and quality of  the light are basic
components of how I see.

 The fauna and flora transforms from one kind of beauty into another 
equally interesting form.  I realized the process was similar to
my own journey of change.  In 2001 I retired after many years as 
a commercial photographer.  A few years later a number of personal
and life changing experiences pushed me to reevaluate how I looked 
at my life and it's relation to photography. I found I needed to  leave
much of what I knew about photography and drive myself in new
directions.  My photography now is part of a search to define a new
" Self"...an AfterLife.
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